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Compomotive Motorsport Wheels are available in an extensive range of designs, sizes & offsets from 13 inch through to 18 inch diameters in Clubman to WRC specifications. Compomotive's world class technology, backed by experience gained since 1973 through National and International motorsport victories, offers you the competition wheels with the ultimate strength to weight ratio.

All Compomotive Motorsport Wheels are manufactured from special primary heat treated, age hardened aluminium alloy & benefit from reinforced rim edges.

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CXR - <p>Ultra Light Weight Motorsport Wheel</p>


Ultra Light Weight Motorsport Wheel

ML - <p>Classic Motorsport Wheel</p>


Classic Motorsport Wheel

MO5 - <p>Ultimate 5 Spoked Motorsport Wheel</p>


Ultimate 5 Spoked Motorsport Wheel

MO6 - <p>Ultimate 6 Spoked Motorsport Wheel</p>


Ultimate 6 Spoked Motorsport Wheel

TH - <p>Retro Motorsport Wheel</p>


Retro Motorsport Wheel

TH2 - <p>Rally Inspired Multi Spoke Wheel</p>


Rally Inspired Multi Spoke Wheel